Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Strategy

The best campaigns are built on solid foundations

A digital marketing strategy forms the basis of all your digital marketing activity. It will allow you to understand who your target market is, where to find them, how to engage with them and build a relationship. And not forgetting, measure your ROI.

We’ll spend some time with you to understand your business and produce a bespoke written plan.

  • Typically, this includes these items:</li?
  • Situation analysis (understanding the internal and external factors that may affect the business)
  • Objectives & KPIs
  • Strategy (outlining a clear direction of how the business will achieve the digital marketing objectives)
  • Campaign plan
  • Contingency plan
  • Budget
  • Analytics & reporting

Prices vary based on the size and complexity of your business and start at£1,000 + VAT.

Digital Marketing Campaigns

Social media marketing has made reaching out to the huge consumers online easy for entrepreneurs. This is one of the effective tools to gather up the maximum users to any platform. All there is a need of using the tool with all of this effect to ensure the best and ultimate results. To promote your business and improve the visibility online there is a need to access the Social Media service.

Our Services

DesignTropic bring out the best Social Media Marketing tools incorporated to enhance the social media visibility of your brand. The professionals who designed your package are working as the Social Media Marketing Managers and make sure to bring out the best and suitable plan for you.

Social Media Strategy Development

The team prepares the best Social Media Strategy for your business to capture the maximum potential customers on social media

Social Media Advertising Management

Dissemination of Advertisements on Social Media is tricky but effective, we make sure ot keep the things in line for good

Social Media Content Creation

The ultimately effective and easy to relate optimized content is offered by the professional content creators to keep the campaign interactive.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing, or SMM, is a form of internet marketing that implements various social media networks in order to achieve marketing communication and branding goals. Social media marketing primarily covers activities involving social sharing of content, videos, and images for marketing purposes, as well as paid social media advertising.

Why do you need a social media management?

Your Potential Consumers are on Social Media

The information that is circulated online through social media reaches the maximum people globally. You have customers and targeted audience online that needs to be addressed for sure.

There are people searching for your company

Social media is a new search engine, every business is there to have maximum consumer reach. Your social media presence will let you to need the potential customers as they are searching for you online.

On social media, people are talking about your company

Social media is the ultimate platform where consumers review the business and product. You need to know that what consumers and other people are talking about you on social media so you can make further improvements.

Companies Deserve the Ultimate social Media Management

The strategies developed by the DesignTropic, the ultimate Social Media Company UAE, are totally unique and according to the patterns of the Social Media and Search Engine. So, the information will last for long on social media and let more people know about your company and products.

Digital Marketing Packages

$799 Basic Per Month
  • Social Media Page Management
  • Daily 1 Posting
  • Post Engage
  • 10 Sharing
  • Use Hash Tag
  • Paid Promotion/Boosting
$1349 Standard PER MONTH
  • Social Media Page Management
  • Daily 2 Posting
  • Post Engage
  • 15 Sharing
  • Use Hash Tag
  • Paid Promotion/Boosting
$2099 Power PER MONTH
  • Social Media Page Management
  • Daily 4 Posting
  • Post Engage
  • 25 Sharing
  • Use Hash Tag
  • Paid Promotion/Boosting
$2699 Ultimate PER MONH
  • Social Media Page Management
  • Daily 6 Posting
  • Post Engage
  • 30 Sharing
  • Use Hash Tag
  • Paid Promotion/Boosting

Strategy Development

The Social Media Optimization Company, design the systematic strategies to get the calculative results so things can be analyzed in a long run.

Advertising Management

All the advertisements are displayed creatively on platforms to get maximum visibility and ultimate response.

Community Management

We believe in capturing all the communities on equal grounds to ensure the best syncing of potential consumers

Effective Content Creation

All your content circulated on social media is highly creative and influence the readers

Measurement & Reporting

We not only believe in quality services but their complete audit and reporting to evaluate the effective results.

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